Trams, Terracottas, and Pastel de Natas

I made it a personal goal to create 100 illustrations during my art residency at HANGAR, in Lisbon, Portugal. I was in a historic neighborhood area of Graça, which holds some of the most scenic views of the city.

Walking around Lisboa, I took pictures of things I was inspired by. Little street corners, laundry hanging, titles, flowers, and patterns everywhere.  Even all the graphic design branding and logos were worth noting. Side note: I took a sunset cruise on a sailboat. It was fantastic taking in the views from the Tagus River.

In my studio I would sit at my desk area and pick up my pen. I used nine sharpies to create these pieces pictured. Within two weeks of my stay I had over 50 drawings. So with two more weeks to go, I decided I should hit 100!

While I was in the city exploring and grabbing food to eat, I made sure to draw everything first! See some of my sketchbook pages are below. These drawings became conversation starters with locals and travelers alike. Everyone wanted to know what I was up to. It was fun to share my whimsical documentation! Many times I would scribble and jot down my experiences from the day.

Pastel de nata are a custard like pastry found all over.

Prawns dish I ate at a huge tourist spot called Timed Out Market.  

The weather was very hot during my stay.

I tried to find fun coffee shops to cool down in with sweet terrace views. These spots had brunch menus with pancakes. Notably not traditional, but I had to try the matcha flavored ones with edible flowers and berries.  

Titles in Lisbon were of all colors and varieties.

Building facades would be covered from the ground up in thousands of hand painted stunner pieces. I was in awe around every corner!

With many trains traveling in and out of Lisbon, it was easy to get around. I traveled to the city of Belém to see the Belém Tower and the Monument to the Discoveries/Padrão dos Descobrimentos!

I ate a lot of sardines, as it was a popular fish there. Sometimes it was served on bread with olive oil and roasted tomatoes.

HANGAR International Art Residency group picture from our Open Studio show! Left to right of my new artist pals: Emerson, Carl, Yves, Ania, Marina, Tamara, and Jutta (who is not pictured). We enjoyed our time together over the month of August!

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