Giddy Up Partner!

With a month already into 2024, this new year has brought about some new work. I am calling this my Western Era, where anything is possible. In this wild wild west, there is time to get back to the basics of design- color play, texture, line work, layering imagery, and storytelling. When you take a passion and make a business out of it, lots of time is then spent making products to sell. But with these pieces I am focusing the joy of creating and experimentation. 

Each illustration is with pen and ink on paper. Drawings are then scanned into Illustrator and made into a vector file. These hand drawings become digital! I then take the line work file into Photoshop, configuring and assembling the various parts. Imagery is taken from found photos that are 'cut' and 'cropped' together. 

The goal is to create digital collages that are colorful, balanced, and give off that playful feel. I am loving the 'paint' strokes and how they add a pop more of color. Working this way is very intuitive and I am relying on my knowledge of principles of art and design. 

The context in creating these pieces right now is a metaphor for me. I am learning that sometimes you gotta wrangle those dreams. It isn't always easy to go after what you want, but with some hard work, grit, perseverance, and likely a bit of good luck, ANYTHING is possible. 
Giddy Up Partner! Very excited to keep this series going as far as the wind keeps blowing those tumbleweeds across the field. I should mention, I have never actually ridden a horse. I have been on a few horses back in middle school at a summer camp. Yet, I am not sure I enjoyed the experience. I was probably more concerned about my own ponytail swinging side to side.
Happy riding and what majestic creatures that I am terribly allergic to! 


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