SS2018 PNW Collection

The Pacific Northwest. It is filled with mountains, waterfalls, forests, wildlife, rivers, and truly inspiring wilderness. This collection is inspired by what happens outside of the cities, but brought into the city. We can be connected to one another and in the great outdoors. We can walk the streets. We can be a part of it all.

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NEW SS2017 Collection

I can’t believe May is here and the summer is just around the corner. We are excited to share with you some new designs and apparel we have been working on. We got together Erik Eagon for some videography and Evan Dalen for some photography, and with their help we captured our new collection. Check it out here. Inspired by roses, Mt Hood, and a united concern for refugees.

All designs were created in our studio here in Portland, Oregon. We hope you love them as much as we do!3G2A5613 23G2A6094 23G2A6155 23G2A5749 23G2A6031 23G2A5492 2

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For The Babes

When our company started, we originally were making onesies for babies. There are so many beautiful kids out there and we LOVE seeing them in these simple illustrations. Each baby onesie is hand silkscreened in house!  Whitney Petretto Photography captured her little love wearing some of our designs! HOW CUTE!!


Also, because collaboration is fun, the little bows are made by Little Mint Julep!!!! So cute!!!! We love them!

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Drawing in Brooklyn becomes inspiration for apparel

Devocion Roastery/Cafe in Williamsburg, Brooklyn NYC

This tropical plant wall was so inspiring I had to draw it


Then when I returned home from my trip I scanned in my drawing and made it into a print.

floralwallpatternIMG_5590These novelty pockets were silk screened by hand at our studio in Portland, Oregon.


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We B Blowin Things UP


ARTJADEN is gearing up for an amazing SUMMER. We got the VIBES. We’ve got you THE SHIRTS. And now all you gotta do is HIT IT, GET IT, BUY IT and REP IT!!!!! We are featuring our new collection ONLINE and at The Portland Saturday Market each Saturday and Sunday in Portland, OR.


Post those pics!!!! We would love to see you reppin your ARTJADEN apparel on Instagram. Let’s stay connected. It is going to be an incredible summer!!!!!

Lions and Tigers and A BEAR

the bear

This is a new illustration for future apparel and prints. I get a lot of requests for various things. I drew this bear for my mom. Here you go momma bear! I love you.


In A Flash


Do you ever have such fleeting thoughts?

Like maybe there is something is this moment that is greater than the last. That maybe a camera could capture and hold memories better than your own heart. That we are all trying so hard to remember why we had to grow up so fast.

The rain is coming down pretty well here in Portland. I am trying to stay focused on creating new designs for the Spring. Yet, my thoughts…they are fleeting.

Summer Sun


Being a creative means you are always available to let inspiration knock at your feet, enter into your heart, move your hands, and place a resting spot in your bones.

Being a creative means you are open to the possibilities that ANYTHING, I do mean ANYTHING can be found beautiful.

Being a creative means you are able to enjoy your surroundings just as they are.

Being a creative means you bring people into your joy, by asking others to play a part in a greater whole.

Being a creative means you are found, embraced, loved, and cherished by a Creator.

Being a creative means you are not better than anybody else, but that you want to guide and be poured out for the process.

Being a creative means you are on a journey and doing it with hope. Hope that what you do matters.

Installation at Salt & Straw Alberta

Hand drawn bike and ice cream cone ‘balloons’

Mounted prints, drawings, and collages for sale

Keep the color alive on the inside- it is pretty grey out there!