In A Flash


Do you ever have such fleeting thoughts?

Like maybe there is something is this moment that is greater than the last. That maybe a camera could capture and hold memories better than your own heart. That we are all trying so hard to remember why we had to grow up so fast.

The rain is coming down pretty well here in Portland. I am trying to stay focused on creating new designs for the Spring. Yet, my thoughts…they are fleeting.

paper planes and summer memories

Portland has been sunny these past days. A fog has started out the early morn. Burning off by mid morning, colors of green pop up from the ground. These planes where made for a summer installation. Now they serve as a summer memory where ombre skies took over and new heights were reached with my business endeavors. I can’t wait to wear sunglasses again, get my hands dirty from printing, and design more in this creative community. IMGP0388

No regrets. No guilt. Just COLOR to live by.

2014 here we come, no regrets

2014 here we come, no regrets

We made it. Almost a month into 2014. Might we keep the color alive on the inside. Let it out as we strive towards new years resolutions like eating healthy. 🙂 Artjaden will be coming out with new designs and apparel! Get excited. There is so much we have to look forward to.

News: Featured on Etsy

I was found on Etsy. It was a collection of hipster things and apparel. Check it out!1Screen Shot 2013-10-11 at 3.36.57 PM

Into the Woods: Part II

Pocket people. Into the woods. With Chris and Olga and Essi.

My logo design made into a pattern, then printed into a pocket image. Lets keep that color alive on the inside…and on the outside.


Into the Woods: Part I

Every now and again we get to get out of the city. Into the woods. Back to where rushing water and forest creatures speak louder than cars and alarm clocks.

This woodsy destination. Ferns and creeks. Animals and friends. It is possible to wander. And never return.

Meet my friends. Chris. And. Olga. They are usually behind the camera. I present them to you in front. Moosegrey1moosetogether2moosesingle1falconblack3olgafalcon1teepeeneonyellow1

Photoshoot for new Fall Designs

It is always a good time when you can be with family. My cousin lives in SE Portland, right ‘down the street’ from me. This was a reason to get together today. She was gracious enough to spend her day off with me, running around SE to various walls, doors, and spots I scouted out. Here is a sneak peak to all that is going to be offered online or down at the Portland Saturday Market.

Fashion should be fun. LIVE out LOUD. And be inspired.