As I reflect on this day, I was drawing this ‘touristy’ mug I bought at the LaGuardia Airport. My table, I noticed, had the text ‘cross country flight’ and an abstract sketch of the United States. The text in graphite is so faint now (wrote it 6 months ago). It reads ‘I am all the way over here—->thinking about you—–>all the way over there’. Seems fitting to let you #NYC know we do love you. All of you. Those lost to madness, destruction, hate, and tragedy. I was a freshman in college when those towers went down. Now, having visited Ground Zero, the designers and the architects and people who made that place forever sacred….may those who lost loved ones feel a great peace. We will #neverforget . And prayers to all those children, men and women who are around the world that face terrorism and hardship everyday. We gotta take care of one another. #godblessthewholeworld #september11th #standingwithyou

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