The Secret Set Up: Silkscreening 101

untitled-18  A studio set up is not complete without a table, some lights, and a bit of inspiration. All of my work is done here.

untitled-30 Transparencies are made and cut to fit together. Images come from my sketchbook that I scale up in Photoshop/Illustrator.


Screens get coated with Photo Emulsion (the green stuff). They then go in my basement where they dry in this ‘dark room’.

untitled-31 When the screens are dry I expose the image (the transparency) using a 150watt  energy efficient bulb. This take 20 minutes.

untitled-41untitled-35After the screen has been exposed, I wash the image out. This means that any black lines from the transparency will ‘come off” the screen. The ink will now be able to pass through these areas and blocked out everywhere else. It is like magic!