Printing, YES, Printing by Hand

untitled-51I have my own quirky registration system. Cardboard is laid down on the table. Blue tape and newsprint are used.

untitled-48 My transparency gets placed over the shirt for placement. I rest the screen down on top of this image.

7IF92CJlW_mQ7E_3AjQGQA-KWcOap_DB_NBbCBbglGU,O2G3vSQX6kNFsGJ0b-pj7GINWsOlZrvZlvSB0Ru4cOc,nlYHkWTrcb6sLSTNauxSGi0fQ8NbSVqrzoc2YN_IasI,A15jjls37XgmMSe0Fdkc8dpLQIpJVrJl9EGkeU19Ns8,ru2eYIRR-AKqJLVA714-bdet-k8iSS8BjLmro2e5jIUI lightly set the screen down, but tilting it slightly so I can pull the transparency out. Then I fully drop the screen down onto the shirt.

untitled-50The shirt gets three floods. I use Blick Water Soluble Fabric Ink. I also use their screens.